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Decorating interiors is the furnishing and adorning of the room with decorative elements to achieve an aesthetic, appealing, and lively feel. Professional decorators from Archic Home and Decorating Services can help you design and decorate the interiors of your home to your specification, and instruction while offering our own consultation and advice.

Archic Home Decorating Services

The Importance of Decorating

Everyone loves to live is a well decorated home.

Living Room

At the heart of the house, living room should be properly arranged. In a living room, sofas, chairs and stools are important. These furniture needs to be properly arranged to enhance by the beauty of the room. There is also a need for cushions, cool rugs, and a variety of illuminating lights.


Dining Room

Unlike other rooms in the house, the dining room is easier to decorate, and it requires less furniture. The basic furniture needed in a dining room includes chair, table, buffet, and hutch.



The bedroom is the rightful place in the house where you rest and recharge. It is a place everyone wants to have the feeling of retreat. Furniture and items needed in a bedroom include quality mattress, bedside table, nice sheet, full-length mirror, artworks, and bedside lamp.


Kid’s Room

Designing kid’s room might seems challenging but all issues can be resolved by embracing creativity. Colour combination is very paramount in designing kid’s room. Materials needed for kid’s room includes the following wall décor, play mat, kid’s bedside lamp, kid’s room wall shelf, toys, kid’s room art works and so on.



Everyone loves den building and decoration. Den deals with creatively building space for you and your family to have fun in and enjoy yourself.

Den Building and Decorating Tips

Den Building and Decorating Tips

1. Ensure you build your den only in your personal garden or a place you got permission from.
2. Ensure you use only water-based paint. Only paint on a sunny or dry day.
3. Do not use any heavy materials for the roof or main structure so that you do not get injured if it falls.
4. Do not use breakable material to construct the den.
5. It is compulsory that you should not use or decorate your den or play with any electrical items because wires and cables are hazardous if used wrongly.


Your plans for the use of furniture will determine the placement. For example, footrest is meant to be placed in a sitting area where it can be effectively used. Decorative furniture is to be placed in an open area where they can be seen and appreciated. A cocktail or coffee table substitute should be placed between the sitting positions. Though the styling can vary due to the suitability of the user. Ottoman can be placed near armchair or sofa.

3D Modelling for Decoration

3D Modelling for Decoration

Why 3D Modeling is helpful?

It will help you make sure about the final look and sizing of what you have in your mind!
Imagin going to a store to buy a furniture which seems to be perfect in the first look! But when you bring it home, it is not fitting properly! 3D modeling will save you money and time!

Here are some examples

How does it work?

  1. Consultation with the client
  2. Presenting the initial proposal to clients 
  3. Designing according to the confirmed proposal 
  4. Presenting 3D modelling to clients 
  5. Revision 
  6. Presenting a final model 
  7. Helping clients to apply the design in their home, like referring contractors and buying furniture 

Our prices for 3D modelling are very competitive. You will get surprised.

How Does Home Decorating Work?

Choosing the right furniture

Size of your home

Furniture are meant to fit in to your house with enough space left. This is to allow free movement in your house. You and your family need enough space to carry out your daily activities, and furniture should not disturb that. It is important to note the size of your home because the beauty of your home and of the furniture will be visible if there is enough space left.


Features that will be able to suit your preferences should also be your goal. Before getting any furniture, they must be well researched, if they really contain the features that will suit your purpose of getting them. When it comes to your shopping furniture for your home, you have to make sure that they will be well suited for you and your loved ones. Consider the size, height as well as compatibility, just to mention a few before getting your furniture.


Adding dimensions to your room by mixing designs, scales, shapes, and proportions creates an interesting and warm room. Variety tends to spice up your room with an interesting feeling. Unlike a situation where all the furniture is of the same shapes, colors, design, and height, and thereby giving your room a boring and flat feel. Being creative with your furniture, designing, and decorations of your will make you and others feel interested in spending time relaxing, reposing, and chatting, or finding quiet and peace in such room. Make your room a relaxing, beautiful and nice-looking by adding varieties to your dimensions.


Colour is an important figure in human life. It cannot be overlooked in the choice of our furniture as it has influence all over the world. Choosing furniture with colour that compliments your home is important. It promotes the beauty of your home and creates an interesting and warm feeling. Colour is significant in human thoughts so, try to pick the furniture with the best colour that suits your purpose. People with Chromophobia (the phobia of colour) should not buy furniture with the colour of which they have a phobia for.

What do I need to know about home decorating and home decorating services near me?

Decorating a house can be as much fun as it is work. You don’t really need a big budget for home decorating. House decoration can be a simple repainting of walls, colorful light bulbs, and others just to make your house feel fresh, classy, and homey.
Do not be hasty when you want to decorate your home, remember it isn’t like the clothes you put on and off as you like. A comfortable happy home takes moments of planning, but a rushed design will give you poor satisfaction and unappealing outlook.

What do I need to know about home decorating and home decorating services near me?

Things to do before decorating a home

What are the decorating tips and ideas I need to have?

Choosing the right colors

The living rooms should be welcoming, friendly, and homey. Therefore, the colors you use there should represent the feelings. You can blend colors like cool and warm tones together to give you the right feels that you want to exhibit.
Before painting, test the colors on a flat board to see if they will work together in harmony to give the right tone you need. If it’s a fabric, cut a small part of it and check it on the surface you want to use it for. The same paint colors can be used for the doors, baseboards, moldings, and other ornaments to reduce contrasting colors.
For a pleasingly firm and fresh feel; the ceilings can be painted with white and the use of bland sheen or matte. You can as well use decorating wallpapers that are patterned, grass cloth, wood paneling, etc.

Choosing the right furniture

Depending on the style you want to create, be it traditional or modern, or classic, you need to choose the right pieces of furniture, tables, sofas, and chairs for the chosen theme. Traditional outlooks always favor the symmetrical layout because it is beautiful and formal.
A raised seat favors the formal theme while the lowers seats are a casual feel. The number of seats in the dining room should be an important factor in the number of seats that will be in a living room.
The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom. Therefore, the bed needs not be shoved into a corner like it isn’t an important piece. The only exception to this is the bunk beds for children. For convenience, there should be nightstands, which could be small tabletops on each side of an adult bed.
The theme for a bedroom should go for soft, calm, comfortable, and homey kind not bold or aggressive. You can use pale tone colors to achieve these.

Light control

Controlling both natural and artificial light is important in a house especially in the bedroom. Most people when sleeping are sunlight sensitive; using a blackout roller shade and curtains blocks the light from coming into the room.

For nighttime, endure you are having an overhead light and a pair of lamps to illuminate the entire room to set the right mood and give an appealing feel.

Accessories and Arts

Art and accessories add a final addition to a house. Be subtle and not overdo in tending to add arts and accessories to your rooms. In a smaller space, it should be minimal and there can be more collections of arts and accessories in a larger space.

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Where are the home decorating and designing services near me?

Contact a personal interior and exterior decorator at Archic Home Staging and Decorative Services for your decorating jobs. We provide consultation and help you design and decorate your house to fit your vibes, personality that will suit you with unique content and styles.

Archic Home Staging and Decorating Services are available to serve proud homeowners who want to decorate their house in the following areas: GTA, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Barrie, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, and their neighborhoods.

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